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Thread: Upping weight on clusters

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    Upping weight on clusters

    Me and my friend have been having an ongoing arguement about this. What i've been doing is, on the cluster, upping the weight by 5-10 pounds. The rest might not be right on 30 seconds but its under a minute forsure. He say's not to and to just lift the same weight all the way through. When i up the weight its just when im stuck and not improving. I have been trying to do this as a way of breaking through. He said it was putting too much stress and effecting recovery. My personal experince is that it works, although not all the time.

    We've decided to get some imput from others to try and settle this.


    (btw this is with HCT-12 obviously)

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    I'm religious about not exceeding 30 seconds, and more times than not I struggle to get the second rep of the clusters. My prediction is that if you don't exceed 30 seconds between them, you'll find it's more than enough weight. Use a digital kitchen timer, you can get them at wal-mart or target or anyplace else for about 4 bucks. Yes, I really do use a timer.
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    Strictly speaking your friend is correct. If however you find it useful and are happy monitoring the additional variable then go for it.

    Edit: And don't interpret the 'go for it' as 'it's better if you can manage it', it isn't, or rather it'd be difficult to prove either way, so I err on the side of doing the simplest effective thing, so that there's room to maneuver later.
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