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Thread: camelCase's HCT12 hopefully won't suck

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    camelCase's HCT12 hopefully won't suck

    I'm going to be starting HCT-12 next week.

    M, 26yo
    Around 14% BF according to Accumeasure calipers and tape measure calculations

    My goals are to gain as much strength as possible, hopefully while increasing lean mass and seeing some recomposition. Ideally, I'd like to lose a bunch of fat but for mental reasons (see my post in the introduction section if interested) I want to try and avoid the "dieting" thought process just now. I'd like to somehow get back down to 10% but I'm going to avoid actively cutting for a few months.

    I'll be following the 3-day routine on W/F/Sun and doing light cardio (25-min jog or Insanity Abs DVD) 2 or 3 times a week (never after a leg day). Exercises for this cycle and estimated 6RMs are:

    Pullups - no idea. I suck at these but I can get ~10-12 at BW on a good day
    BB Rows - 66kg
    Flat Bench - 66kg
    Standing BB Press - 34 or 36kg, maybe a little more
    Dips - no idea. I can usually get 1x15, 2x12 or something similar at BW

    Squats - 70-74 kg - this has really deteriorated because I could do 2x100kg not too long ago
    Deads - 94 kg or so
    Standing BB Calf Raise (no access to a machine) - I can lift 2 average-sized cows
    BB Curls - 30kg
    Woodchops - No idea. These are awkward.

    My lifts are weird because I have lost a lot of strength and motivation over the last few weeks and months.

    Using 65kg (current weight) and 8%BF (because that would be awesome) as target body composition for nutrition I'll be eating, on average, ~2000 cals, 198g protein, 66g fat, 152g carbs (comes out to about 40/30/30 p/f/c).

    I usually get a couple of big meals and a snack, as I tend to (loosely) follow the leangains IF protocol. Lower cals/carbs and higher fats on rest days, more cals/carbs and lower fats on training days. I'll average out to the targets above.

    I got an awesome new bodybugg last week. It seems reasonable accurate for most activities (seems to overestimate weight lifting calorie expenditure however) so I will use that to keep an eye on calorie expenditure.

    Supplements: whey as needed, casein for snacks, lots of fish oil, multivitamin, calcium, and vitamin d. Going to start taking EC again on Monday and cycling up over the week as I've had a long break.
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