Whats good everyone I'm new to this forum and I need an answer to a question please.

I was just out my back today with a friend, and we were seeing how much we could bench. The most I've ever done was just one 70kg benchpress, but I had no one to spot me that day.

So today I had someone to spot me and I wanted to see how many I could so on at 70kg. I did it 5 times and that was it.

Then I just did 80kg once.

So I just want to know, is this good for a 15 year old? I don't lift weights, I've only had about 3 training sessions involving weights and they weren't with my max rep, it was just like 50kg x15, light stuff. The main reason I don't do weights regularly is because I'm a boxer, and bodybuilding isn't for me, but I'm gonna be getting into some stuff to build up my strenght soon.

So thats my question for you all: is an 80kg benchpress good for someone who's just turned 15 and how good is it on average?