I just recently switched to sumo style deadlifting and have found I am able to pull much more weight far more easily. I've done a lot of reading up on the style and technique involved and everything I've read has said that you should keep your feet pointed out as far as possible, even parallel to the bar if you're able to comfortably pull from that position.

I follow the Westside template and pretty much read/watch everything I can from Louie and try to follow everything he says as closely as possible. I was just reading one of Louie's articles ( http://westside-barbell.com/westside...0Training2.pdf ) on deadlifting and when talking about pulling sumo he says, "The strongest style is feet straight forward. How straight your feet will be is dependent on your flexibility, which also determines the width of your stance."

What am I missing here? I can't imagine being able to achieve a very wide stance or being able to successfully keep your knees out with heavy weight, while pointing your feet straight forward. I saw AJ Roberts post here that Louie says the same about keeping the feet forward with wide stance squats, which I don't see myself being able to do either. The emphasis on keeping the feet pointed forward for pulling sumo and squatting seems to seriously contrast with the typically wide stances for both squatting and pulling that I see from almost all Westside lifters.

Anyone have any advice on the subject? A related question is that I've read the best body type for sumo is long torso and short arms/legs (typically a poor body type for pulling) but these leverages are better for sumo than conventional, is this accurate? That's the body type I have and everything I've read about sumo has said this is the body type that gets the most out of the style. My own limited experience with the style has confirmed this thus far.