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Thread: Deadlift advice?

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    Deadlift advice?

    Hey guys,

    Im new to the forum, been powerlifting for a couple years now and preparing to compete early in the new year. I am posting a link to a video of a previous rep max. Id love some advice on my form or any tips to throw my way.

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    You have VERY solid form and technique! I actually can't pin point anything. What are your numbers like and weight?
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    The only thing I'd say is try to push your abs into your belt more or train your abs more. It'll help with the little bit of rounding you get. Overall your technique looks solid, but it's hard to tell with weight you can rep that easily.
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    Sweet pulling. Hopefully my little bump gets you some me responses.

    Now put that squat video up too.
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    Skip 5s and work up to singles. Your form is fine. Looks like your lockout is your weakness.

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