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Thread: ripping a back apart during stretching????

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    ripping a back apart during stretching????

    so there i was, just finished 5 sets of bench and was moving onto bent over dumb bell rows.
    did one warm up set and then went to stretch my back and BANG, it literally felt like my back was being ripped apart in the very middle and i was not even forcing it..... too much.
    the pain was enough to scare me into stopping but not enough to make me want to curl up into fetal position.
    even letting go of the stretch hurt a fair amount. and it felt sooo weird!!!

    THE STRETCH (which i'm sure everyone on here has done at one point or another)
    face a solid stationary vertical thats big enough u can get a hand around it.
    grab it.
    bend at the knees and hips.
    and stretch you lats out.

    my question is if this has happened to anyone before?
    i'm 35 and in fairly good shape and this is a total first for me.
    i still finished the rows and stretched very very very lightly with zero pain as i was sooooo scared to put any pressure on the stretch at this point.

    any ideas other than don't stretch that hard again
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    Where did you hurt yourself? Rhomboid? Lat? Trap? Lower back?
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    Provided you don't have any residual pain, you are probably fine. Just don't push that stretch too aggressively in the future.

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