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Thread: NEWSLETTER ARTICLE - 2 Exercises You Need Now - Bulgarian Squat and Pallof Press

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    NEWSLETTER ARTICLE - 2 Exercises You Need Now - Bulgarian Squat and Pallof Press

    by Mike Scialabba

    I'm sure by now your training program is rock solid! However, if it doesn't have these two exercises involved, are at least a variation of them, then your house is being built on bed of sand!

    The Fwd Foot Elevated Barbell Bulgarian Split Squat or F.F.E.B.B.S.S (ok that's not any better)

    The Pro's:

    1. Major increase in hip and glute activation.
    2. Increase core, knee and hip stability.
    3. Increase range of motion and hip mobility.
    4. Reduction in spinal and lumbar stress.

    The Con's:

    1. It's really, really hard.

    How to do it:

    Elevate the fwd foot onto a step or aerobic board about 3 inches off the ground. Using a flat bench (preferably) place the rear foot topside down, with the ankle directly on the edge, be sure the bench is placed appropriately allowing the body to move straight down, while maintaining a straight shin on the fwd leg. Place the barbell across your back as you would a back squat, and lower yourself into the movement.

    In the bottom position, the chest should be up, the shoulder blades back, the fwd shin vertical, and the fwd quad either parallel with the floor, or the hips below the knee, while the fwd heel remains flat. Press back up out of the fwd heel, and repeat.


    The Pallof Press

    The Pallof Press is an anti-rotation core exercise that has great benefits for increase lumbar stability and core strength. The lumber region gets neglected way too much through most training programs I see, and incorporating and anti-rotation movement such as this is a great way to cover a few of your bases within your program.

    The Pro's:

    1. Increased hip, glute, abdominal and lumbar strength.
    2. Major increase in lumbar support and stability.
    3. Decreased risk of injury.

    The Con's:

    1. People might look at you funny. Joke's on them!

    How to do it:

    Stand sideways to an apparatus such as a band tied off, or a cable unit that will allow vertical height adjustments to be made. Be sure your loading device in drawn from a position about rib height. Stand with an athletic base, feet hip width apart, knees mildly bent, hips slightly back, and chest up. Take the handle of the loaded device and place your hands directly in the sternum.

    Press 'straight' out from the body and hold the load perfectly still while preventing the body from leaning to one side, collapsing at the knees, hips or shoulders, while maintaining adequate breathing.

    To increase the difficulty, first narrow the stance. Once the load is achievable with the new stance, you may then increase the load. Add these two stellar exercises into your routine and enjoy stronger legs, stronger hips, and a bulletproof back!


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