Currently 510 raw pr in the gym. @ 240lbs. 6.0'. I use bands for speed work and try to keep up with a "westside" style program. I notice that if i miss out of the hole (or off my chest) pause or touch and go. I miss it hands down. I recently have started using heavy bands on max eff. day. Although my sq. and dead arent bad i would love to hit a 600 raw BP! I do not board press and I am limited to 7' bars where i lift. My grip is all inside the ring, i do close grip and i am starting to incline press more. I have gone away from BB shoulder work. (i didnt see much from it), and now mostly lateral db work for shoulders. Lats work is mostly pulldowns but db rows can be 160s for 20, on a good day. any help is much aprciated i would love to compete soon (just unsure about the weight class). Thank you, Dave