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    i know its been said before but is there much different from flat to incline for overall chest development

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    I doubt you'd see much of a difference.
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    How can you say that you would not see much of a difference? Alot of people lack upper chest development and guess what..they all think flat bench will suffice..Imo it also gives a more "fuller" look to the shoulder and i think it also targets the lower part of the biceps. If you want your chest to have the full package, please DO include incline presses and flies. Thankyouverymuch.
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    Only real difference is incline uses more shoulders than flat bench

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    The chest is not divided into upper and lower so in general you can't isolate the upper pecs, but for full development a muscle needs to be trained in different ranges and planes of motion and also realize how you perform the lift will also effect how much of your pecs you recruit.

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