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Thread: incline treadmill for conditioning

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    incline treadmill for conditioning

    I do not have access to a sled, prowler or hill.
    If I have a finisher, say,of hill,prowler or sled sprints can I use the incline function
    on the treadmill and what setting should I use.

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    I think you can ~ This is something I do all the time:

    1. put your treadmill on the highest incline setting (mine is 15%),
    2. Select a speed somewhere around 3-4 miles per hour
    3. Turn around so that you're facing backwards
    4. Start to backpedal

    I try to set the speed so that I'm toast after about 2 minutes... then I turn around, and walk forward to recover. Repeat (as many as 4 times).

    Very nice finisher for quads.....
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    I've been reading where some guys shut off the power and push against the resistance. Kind of like a prowler.

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