In everyday life that is. What specific lift transfers over into your daily use the most?

Yesterday at work I was being passed an extremely expensive pump seal when my coworker started to lose it. It only weighed 80lbs but at outstretched arms was definetly a heavy load and he quickly started to lose it. I reached out from the opposite direction and got ahold of it before it went down and I quickly found myself in his situation. And though I'm not particularly strong, fortunately I had just enough shoulder strength to get it safely over to the ledge.

I got to thinking about it after that... what if I never touched a weight in my life, would I have been able to make that recovery? I honestly dont think so because I barely did in that situation. And after thinking about it more, I concluded that lateral raises definetly transfer over into my physical lifestyle more than any other lift I practice.

What's yours?