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Thread: Whats your most functional lift?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith View Post
    Haha, I have a difficult time visualizing a 270 lb dude doing parkour but I'd like to hear more on what exactly he means by jumping around and dangling...
    lol not parkour in the sense of what you see those monkeys do on youtube, but I've been doing my share of roof hopping and climbing. It orignally started as a way to have some fun cardio and fill my weekends and now I have a lot of fun with it and my training hasn't changed in the sense I stopped power lifting but i have adjusted it so I can keep up on the weekends.

    Edit: I have noticed its definitely helped pin point weaknesses I wouldn't have otherwise found through lifting. Like my abs, super strong for squatting and deadlifting but as soon as I needed to pull my legs up last weekend I pulled them, I couldn't sit up for 2 days, I had to roll out of bed, lol.
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    400(335) Bench Press
    600(520x3 2xBW) Dead Lift
    500(495x1) ATG Squat
    Total: 1500(1350)
    365 Front Squat
    consistency and intensity.

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