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Thread: Maintaining on 4000cals...but look like crap

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    Maintaining on 4000cals...but look like crap

    So I am 290ish pounds, and I have been to see a nutritionist.
    He is a sports nutritionist and has worked with a powerlifter before.

    He cleaned up my diet a lot (I was eating pretty crappy for a while) and I ended up on ~4000 cals (3800-4000 depending on meat choices)

    The breakdown is:
    Carbs 43% - 424g
    Fat 34% - 147g
    Protein 23% - 214g

    I have been on this for 3 months...and have been back to see him (but he didnt really offer any advice).
    I am still 'fat' with a lot of flab around my midsection...and no where else.

    The scale has not change a single number over the 3 months...but I haven't really change appearance either

    I am a powerlifter and strongman and I train 4 times a week...but I dont even look like I work out (my first comp I was asked by the meet director if I have ever trained before, when I asked for a 660 opener on squats he pooped himself)

    Here is the diet he wrote out:

    1 cup of oats
    1 cup of skim milk
    2 tbsp of berries
    Pre training

    2 slices of heavy fruit loaf/cinnamon toast
    200g cottage cheese or ricotta
    40g whey+ 5g creatine

    200g low fat meat
    1 cup of rice
    2 cups of vegetables
    Afternoon tea

    200g yogurt
    10-15 almonds
    2 pieces of fruit

    200g lean meat
    2 cups of pasta
    2 cups of veggies
    1 tbsp of oil
    Before Bed

    200g of yoghurt or cottage cheese
    1 piece of fruit

    Does anyone have any advice?

    I have tried to clean it up even more and take out some of the carbs.
    This week I have started to eat whole foods only and steer clear of pasta and other starchy foods

    I would love to 'recomp' I guess and stay the same weight, but actually have notable muscle mass
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