Holy **** are you arguing with a dexa scan? Do you know what it is and how it works.

You are small,
you look like a woman,

and now you are ******ed.

I'm out of this forum (i am sure I wont be missed)

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Also, I was going to add to this.

The Mr. Olympia Winners

Dexter Jackson 2008 (Current) 5′6.5″ 230 lb.
Jay Cutler 2006,2007 5′9″ 255 lb.
Ronnie Coleman 1998-2005 5′10″ 270 lb.
Dorian Yates 1992-1997 5′10″ 255 lb.
Lee Haney 1984-1991 5′11″ 235 lb.
Samir Bannout 1983 5′8″ 210 lb.
Chris Dickerson 1982 5′6″ 190 lb.
Franco Colombu 1976, 1981 5′4″ 185 lb.
Arnold 1970-1975, 1980 6′1″ 230 lb.
Frank Zane 1977-1979 5′9″ 185 lb.
Sergio Oliva 1967-1969 5′8″ 225 lb.
Larry Scott 1965-1966 5′7″ 205 lb

This chart comes from http://www.bodyrecomposition.com/mus...an-aragon.html

Take a look at those numbers. Many of these steroid users with around 3-6% BF had 200 lbs or less of BODY weight.

You should also look into what the FFMI is. A guy at around 6'2 with 10% bodyfat with a FFMI of 25.5 would weigh 220 lbs. It's doubtful you'll be getting above a 25.5 index without drugs. It just simply will not happen. Also, you should look up Casey Butt.

Actually, I'll just make this easier for you since you seem to be so stubborn. Just click this link:


The predictions are very accurate and work. Sorry to put a limit on what you can gain, but it's just the reality of things. Being too optimistic is just ignorant of the actual science.

I'll save my objections to your DEXA for another night.