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Thread: Trap bar dead lifts

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    Trap bar dead lifts

    I have been dead lifting for quite some time. About 6 months ago I was doing normal dead lifts with a straight bar when a old asian man approached me. He told me he was a former power lifter and that with the straight bar I was seriously risking slipping a disc in my back. He instead showed me how to use the trap bar and I have using it ever since..

    Is it fine to swap trap bar dead lifts for regular dead lifts? I am not planning on being in any type of competition.

    I like the trap bar for the following reasons:
    - Center of gravity
    - No bloody shens/No blood from others shens
    - Safer feeling
    - Less stress on the lower back which I still work through squats/bench/military + assistance exercises.
    - Easier to push with heels
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