I have been cutting for bit over a month and have hit a bit of a plateu. I have lost 3kg so far (6.6 lbs) by cutting calories from 3150 (bulking) to 2400. Carbs are below 200g each day except workout days around 275g.

I haven't lost any weight in a bit over a week though even though I haven't broken my diet.

I don't want to cut calories anymore though as last year I cut down 5kg (11 lbs) lighter than I am now doing a 2300 cal diet. I was significantly leaner then.

Is cardio my only option here? Are fat burners any good? I really don't want to start doing cardio and just manipulate my diet but not having much luck. Or is it possible the weight loss will start happening again if I just keep following this.

FYI I haven't lost any strength yet if that means anything. Also I am 6" and currently weigh 86kg (190 lbs)