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    Training splits

    Hey everyone, post up your weekly training. What do you do on each day? I love reading what others do training wise, espeacially the really strong guys.
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    Mon-ME Bench
    Wed-DE Squat/DL
    Fri-DE Bench
    Sat-ME Squat/DL
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    Sunday. Squat and pull. With quads, hams, and abs

    Tuesday. Bench. with triceps and delts

    Thursday. Assistance day for indirect supporting muscles
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    I was planning on doing a 4 day split for this training cycle but I don't know if I'm gonna be able to afford the gas driving back and forth to the gym 4 days a week, plus driving back and forth going to work every day. If I go to my 3 day routine I'll be doing this

    Mon- Squats, Lower Accessories
    Wed- Bench, Pecs, Shoulders, Triceps
    Fri- Deadlifts, Back, Biceps/Grip
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    Alberta, Canada
    Sunday - bench
    Monday - squat/deadlift
    Tuesday - bench
    Wednesday - Deadlift/Squat
    Thursday - off
    Friday - Bench
    Saturday - Squat/Deadlift
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    For quite a while now it's been:

    Monday: Bench Night / with shoulder - pec - tricep work

    Wednesday: Squat Night / with quad - Calves - some ab work

    Friday: Deadlift Night (some form of deadlift) / back - bicep - ham - ab work

    Comp lifts trained heavy singles most of the year. Occasionally doubles - triples or sets of 5. Depending on distance to meet.

    Assistance work is usually 3 sets x 8-12 reps mostly. Calves x 20 reps. Abs x 15-20 reps.

    I'm training everything higher reps right now just coasting through to surgery time.
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    tacoma/seattle washington
    Strongman routine
    Monday- Me pressing Incline Bench/ Ohp rotate every two weeks, throw in narrow grip bench every now and then, ticeps, delts, low intensity cardio
    tuesday- rest
    wednesday- Me lower body deadlift/front squat same as above, leg assistance (ptc, unilateral, machines, leg press etc.) Abs
    Thursday- Pullups, back assistance (nothing heavy usually isolation work unless I did front squats the day before then I do rows, but if i deadlift i dont)biceps,calfs,low intensity cardio
    saturday-events day

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    Monday - Squat and squat assistance + grip work
    Wednesday - Bench and bench assistance
    Friday - Deadlift and deadlift assistance + grip work
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    sunday: squat & pull + abs
    monday: ME bench + back/triceps/shoulders
    wednesday: squat & lower back + abs
    thursday: Bodybuilding day. bench, back, arms, shoulders

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    NC for another year then back to NY
    day 1 - me upper
    day 2 - de lower
    day 3 - off
    day 4 - beach muscles (arms/traps) and streching/recovery/light cardio really just a recovery day but still getting to the gym.
    day 5 - de upper
    day 6 - me lower
    day 7 - off
    day 8 - off
    back to day 1

    my training days are on different days of the week every week. to bad there isn't 8 days in a week because that would be perfect.

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