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Thread: New to HCT-12 , Questions

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    New to HCT-12 , Questions

    Hey guys, looking to start HTC 12 and have some questions.

    So if I went with program 1, with the A and B workouts it could look like this: (?)


    pull downs
    bench press
    standing dbell press
    close grip bench


    Calf Raise
    Dbell Curl

    And I would just alternate on a 3 day schedule?

    Is this it? Do I need to alternate exercises as well of just stick to this? Thanks guys.

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    I'm new here myself but your post has had 40 odd views and no answer so...
    Yep, that's it!

    From the FAQ
    Making changes to the training splits

    Q. I plan on doing the 4-day routine. Can I do Mon/Tues, Thurs/Fri or does that leave too many rest days over the weekend? Also, should ĎA1í and ĎA2í have the same exercises or should each one have its own blend?

    A. Keeping it to weekdays is fine. A1 and A2 donít necessarily have to have the same exercises, but I suggest initially seeing how you get on with keeping them the same. The fewer variables you need to keep track of the better.

    However, it is your routine. We have given you the outline and the plan to follow. It is up to you to make it work best for you. If you want different variations of the same movement, go for it. I have no issues with using a variation on a theme. A dumbbell bench and a Hammer Strength bench are both going to work the horizontal pressing muscles after all, which is all youíre really after.

    This is also worth remembering if you train in a busy gym ó sometimes the equipment you plan on using is not available so find a variation of the exercise on a station that is free.

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