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Thread: Track Runner who has just completed P90X. Question about next exercise phase?

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    Track Runner who has just completed P90X. Question about next exercise phase?

    Hi, I would like to first of all thank anyone willing to help me out! I need some help deciding what to do for my next training Phase. I was thinking of doing a bulk for explosion and strength in the early/mid off season (now) then go on a cut in the late off season and go for lean strength in the season.

    A little about me and my experience with lifting:
    I am 16 years and 11 months old, 5' 11" and 145 pounds. I don't know what type of body I have but I gain and lose fat easily. I do the 300 hurdles and 400 meter in Track. I have just completed P90X with very mixed results. Week 7 I was about 140 pounds, and 9% body fat. I was feeling very light but the diet eventually screwed me up as I was taking in 1800 calories a day. After week 7 I couldn't control my eating and now I'm at 15% body fat (somehow basically all on my stomach and some of my upper legs). I have gone from doing 0 pull ups to 12 in 12 weeks so I would say that p90x was definitely good for me as a beginning to lifting though. Since I just did a cutting phase, albeit not too successfully, my question is should I go through a clean bulk even at 15% body fat? I have a workout buddy who is bulking so I would be lifting heavy weights now unless I decide that cutting would be better. I definitely need more muscle mass in my opinion as I am not as fast/strong as I would like to be.

    My ultimate goal would be to be the best I can be for track. For that to happen, I know I need more muscle.

    What would you guys suggest? Thanks again!
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    I don't know how in God's name you arrived at 145 lbs, and 5'11" with 15 percent body fat. Unless you are literally skin, bone and fat, with absolutely no muscle mass. I highly doubt you have 15 percent body fat.

    I would say get on a sport specific program like WSB4SB and follow it to the T while eating a lot. You'll gain weight, and you will get faster if you follow it. Just make sure not to get caught up in what your partner is doing. Don't worry about the weights he is throwing around,just focus on making YOURSELF as strong as possible. Don't get into a pissing contest.
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    Luke, if your goal is to compete in the 300 hurdles and 400 meter, P90X is likely not your best S&C program. It is more of a basic general fitness-type program geared towards workout rookies with little to no access to gym equipment.

    If you like the style of P90X and want something that may help you more with your track-specific work, you may want to check out "Never Gymless" by Ross Emanait (sp)?. Like P90X, it focuses on bodyweight strength training, but adds HIIT-style conditioning. It is also a hell of a lot cheaper than P90X.

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    The events you're competing in require good sprinting speed, strength, and explosiveness since they're shorter races as you well know. I would second gaining a little weight, as increasing your strength should increase the previously mentioned attributes. I would incorporate some speedwork on your non-lifting days as well, although I wouldn't make it so intense that is affecting your recovery for your lifting. You'll have to play around with it and find out how much your body can handle. If I were you, I would also gain weight until the season draws nearer, and then you can eat at maintenance or lean out a bit if you would like. Best of luck!

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    What are you going to cut at 145 lbs ?

    I would bulk and lift heavy if I were in your situation. If you want to go faster you are going to want to build the muscles that are going to propel you. If you get a good clean diet in order you can minimize the fat gain and gain some decent LBM. If you end up gaining any substantial amount of fat you can always cut down somewhat before the seasons starts. If you do this though you will want to watch your energy levels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shootermcgavin7 View Post
    Luke, if your goal is to compete in the 300 hurdles and 400 meter, P90X is likely not your best S&C program. It is more of a basic general fitness-type program geared towards workout rookies with little to no access to gym equipment.
    That is 100% correct.

    Get a gym membership and a strength coach (not a trainer at your local fitness facility). It seems like you're relatively new to the lifting game, so technique is going to be huge for you.

    Your goal should be to get stronger. Don't get caught up in strange body fat percentage measurements, just eat a lot and train hard. Keep it simple.

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    The single most important thing you can do to improve your track and field performance is to get stronger.

    There, have I got your attention?

    Listen, "explosiveness," "strength," "speed," whatever buzz word their throwing around these days is all the same. Being fast is all about exerting the most force per step, per lb of your own body weight. Thats it.Essentially, become strong relative to your own body weight. Strive to squat 2 x your bodyweight, deadlift, 2.5 x your bodyweight, and bench 1.5 x your bodyweight, all while staying somewhere around 155-170 lbs or so (to be honest I would need more than your height though to say what weight you should compete at). You don't need that much "speed" or "explosiveness" training, especially at the beginning. Just get stronger. Remember that if you can squat 300 lbs slowly, you can squat 150 lbs explosively. On the other hand, if you can power clean 125 lbs explosively, you probably aren't strong for ****, or very fast either.

    read everything on this guys site:

    don't get too complicated. start with a program like osmeone has listed, or just the program starting strength : at least until you get the big three down.

    GET STRONGER IN THE BIG 3 (relative to your bodyweight). Do whatever it takes to do this and I gaurentee you will jump higher and run faster. Because you're 5'11 you're going to have to be a little heavier than 145 lbs to do this --you can't flex bone.

    Cut out all other bull****.
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