Well it is finally over.
Was feeling pretty good.

Squat opener: 755
They had a squat command, that I of course didn't ****in' wait for. (remember, 3 year layoff, lol)
red lights.

Took it again. Good lift

Didn't feel like taking a 3rd, already looking forward to the after party LOL

Bench, the suprise of the day. i gave had some pretty irritating shoulder issues lately, as well as a torn pec and tricep, so I was not looking to do ANYTHING here.

My brother from another mother, Jeff McVicar showed up to help, and got me jammed into a great bench set-up.
Opener 325 (this was as far as I expected this to go) flew up

365 , again, flew up

407. somedamthing, flew up.
i actually think I could have posted a 500, but I had run out of attempts.


Cramping like hell, and of course there is that whole after party thing, also going to wacth UFC

Opened with 600, easy.

10 min. later rolling on floor with wicked ab cramp, done for the day

1st place 308 raw open

1st place 308 raw masters (40-44) turned 42 last week

Still recovering from after party.

Lots of fun at this meet. Just like a big family reunion.

Now to get back in some gear and start over.

Brian Weston

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