By Nick Tumminello

Everyone knows the Bulgarian Spilt Squat is a great exercise for developing single leg strength, improving muscular development, balance and athleticism. But, what may not be so great is how you perform the BSS.

Here are a few tips on how you can be sure you are performing the BSS exercise more safely and effectively.

How high should the rear leg be elevated?

The recommended high of the box or bench you elevate the rear leg on is relative to your height. A good rule of thumb is to place you foot on a solid bench that is roughly the same height as you knee level.

Should My Toes by Down or Up?

Toe placement is really personal preference. But, when you go heavy, I recommend placing your ankle in the plantar flexed position. This is with you toes up, resting the top of your foot (where your shoes laces are) on the bench. This also helps you shift your weight more forward and increase the load on your front leg.

The BSS May be Hurting Your Back?

I often see the BSS exercise performed in manner that can be risky for the lower back.

Check out this video to see what I'm talking about and discover a smarter, more back friendly version of the exercise!



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