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Thread: Golfer's elbow

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    Golfer's elbow

    Hey guys,

    I have golfers' elbow in both my elbows. Doesn't hurt unless touched. Don't feel it lifting. I've been massaging and icing it which helps a lot. The problem is I know I should take a break from lifting but I had to take a week off last month due to travel and will miss another week the end of this month for thanksgiving travel. (that and I just got some new equipment and want to use it! grr!)

    I'm on starting strength - you guys think I could squat and deadlift for a few sessions to give the elbows a break? I'm presuming it's the bench/OHP that is causing the problem. Again, no pain on the lifts, just sensitive to the touch.



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    Do a search as this has been discussed quite a bit recently.

    Key things are:

    1. Stop doing what causes pain
    2. Ice after workouts
    3. Do regular rehab
    4. Use Fish Oil and ETS to help with the inflamation

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