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Thread: Eric Lilliebridge- Push/Pull meet, 1,262lbs raw total

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    Eric Lilliebridge- Push/Pull meet, 1,262lbs raw total

    Here’s the video of my push/pull competition from today!

    My bench attempts felt great. The bench itself was awesome and I had absolutely no grip issues at all. This was the first time I took 500+ to my chest since my pec tare a few months ago. The 507 also tied my best PR before in a meet.

    My deadlift opener felt great, but my 2nd and 3rd attempts I felt too far forward off the floor which put me out of my groove. My lockouts felt very strong, but my form just wasn’t there today off the floor. I will just keep training harder to finally break my old deadlift PR of 800!!!

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    I remember seeing some of your youtube vids a while back. Awesome lifts bud. Good luck getting to 800!
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    Great job Eric. I was at the meet you tore your hamstring, then you tear your pec a few months ago, and to come back and hit big weights is awesome. Congrats bro.
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    Way to come back after injury.
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    Great work Eric!!!

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    Very impressive Eric, congrats!
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    Your progress even after injury is insane

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    Thanks guys!! I was actually very surprised with how great my benches felt. My body weight was up and each attempt felt great. The deadlift flight only had about.. i think 6 or 7 guys in it? so the flight was going very quick, by the time i got to the 804 i just felt fatigued and back was getting stiff which i think was causing me to lean foward off the floor.

    I'm pretty sure i'm doing the UPA meet on December 4th in dubuque Iowa, it's a full power meet....i'll have to see how my lifts are feeling in the next couple weeks if i can continue to stay peaked, but if everything keeps going well, this meet i will try to break 2,100 raw. Whatever i end up squating and benching will determine what i'll end up pulling to try and break the 2,100 raw, so i most likely will not be going for the 804 deadlift at that meet, because i have never attempted to pull 800 after squating over 800 in a meet before.

    I will keep my training and videos updated for the next meet!

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    Awesome stuff Eric!

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