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    When I read a lot of the diets posted here I don't see vegetables mentioned. Is this only because they are only highlighting the carbs, protein, and fat intakes in their diets?
    I, myself, hate practically all vegetables (esp. green ones.) Therefore, I don't eat them. I take a multi-vitamin but I believe I have read that it isn't a good substitute. How essential are vegetables to a well balanced diet?
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    Veggies = vits, phytochemicals, good for the digestive tract, fibre and much more.

    I personally eat fruit instead of veggies even though they are completely different.

    Anyone who says fruit is crap can spank my hairy ridiculously white ass - it's the shiat.
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    as chicken say actual vits have added bonsus over just taking vit and mineral supps though personally i would eat bothe fruit and veg and a supp especially high in antioxidants to help with general health.

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    Vegetables rule. Get a grill and make 'em with olive oil, garlic and lemon. You can't not like them like that!!!tuttut

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    French fries are a vegetable.
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