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Thread: NEWSLETTER ARTICLE - It Take a Man - Having a Winning Attitude

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    NEWSLETTER ARTICLE - It Take a Man - Having a Winning Attitude

    by Ty Phillips

    Before you get all huffy on me because of the title, let me make something perfectly clear. When I say it takes a man, it's simply a figure of speech. I am male so I typically write in the masculine form and find it tedious to continually write in the politically correct generic or the his/her he/she. If you have an issue with this article already, you should just stop reading now because pissing people off is typically what I do best.

    Gorilla Pit is known for one thing above all others; Our mentality. We train hard, regardless of the sport, regardless if you are a man or woman, you can pretty much expect to have the crap kicked out of you any time you come to train. It is not uncommon to see both men and women puking and crying while I stand there yelling, cursing and pushing them to their breaking point and beyond. You are not going to get the "good job buddy" or "way to go girl" here. If you don't push, leave and if you do push, next time I will make you push harder.

    It's not because we like being dicks, well...anyway, it's because we like to see you reach your potential. This is where being a man comes into play - not specifically being male, but just maning up. Having guts, perseverance, fortitude and a killer attitude. I work with one of the top female athletes in the world, and though she may not be as strong as a 300lb man physically, I would stake my reputation on the fact that she can out man 99% of them any day of the week.

    So what am I getting at? I'm not saying that you have to train here with me to be a winner, I'm not saying I am the best coach in the world...what I am saying is, attitude is everything. I don't care where you train, I care HOW you train. Whether you are in your basement or some globo gym full of ego bloated morons with bleached hair and pecker sized veins, get your attitude right and be the best you can be. Once you are, then you can start training for real and be even better.

    Having a winning attitude means you also seek out training partners that are better than you, stronger than you and smarter than you. Training with semi motivated, semi educated turds isn't gonna get you very far. You have no reason to push, grow or learn. You will stagnate and be a medium fish in a small pond who thinks he's the ****. News flash, you're not! Pull up your big boy panties, make the drive to the best place around you, seek the advice of the strong, educate yourself and then, the process begins! The road to being great is won and lost, in your head.

    The choice is yours. No matter what the politically correct, half assed everyone is a winner slogan tells you, it's not true. Not everyone is a winner. Truth is, most are losers. Winning takes takes being a man!


    Ty Phillips is the mastermind behind the training phenomenon that is Gorilla Pit. An evolutionary psychology major, strongman, powerlifter and all around athlete. Ty has spent more than 20 years in martial arts, yoga, strength training and coaching.

    Ty loves long walks on the beach with his dog 7, eating stray children and scaring no stray children by telling them he is the monster that lives under their bed.

    You can find more about the Gorilla Pit facility, seminars and products at their website -


    This exclusive article (and others) can be found in the latest Wannabebig Serious About Muscle Newsletter - November 3rd, 2010

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    excellent article... that is how we roll at The Pit. Nobody training here gets off easy.

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