Right, here goes.

Been training the last six months, but only at home and with little space, equipment or idea, except that squats, deads and benches are good.

Joined a local gym (bargain student price) and today was my first time down there. Left my mrs to do her cardio on the bikes and I took a little wander over to the weights room. 8pm, virtually dead. Excellent =)

Coupla nice guys there helped me out with my form on one or two things, which I was very grateful for.

Overall, despite one or two hiccups, I was very pleased with how it went seeing as I'm a total noob.

Age - 26
Height - 5'6''
Weight - 156lbs

Following four day HCT-12 routine.


6x198 x2 x2 x0

|My first time ever with heavy (for me) squats. Prior to this at home I'd been having to clean over my head, limiting me to about 90lbs. These squats felt very good, but towards the end I got an incredible cramp in my left calf that wouldn't go away. Didn't dare go for the final 2 incase it struck whilst I was squatting.

Rack Pulls

6x264 x2 x2 x2

Absolutely loved these! I enjoy deadlifting anyway and to me these just felt like easy deadlifts. Hope I was doing them right as the main guy I was asking for advice had left by then. Was basically doing them same as dead with back nice and straight and thrusting with hip. Enjoyed them. Main limiting factor was my grip - I was struggling to hold onto the bar by the end.

Calf Raises

Was going to do these, but after that cramp struck my calves didn't recover. Went over and tentatively tried a few, but even with no weight my cramps threatened to come back.

Hammer Curls

6x33 x2 x2 x2

My biceps are weak. Normally use 10kg dumbells for curls, but forgot about warm up sets and went straight to the 15kgs. After cranking out six, I tried the 12.5s but they felt ridiculously light. Tried 20s, but could only do a couple. So 17.5kg (33lb) it was then. Kept it very strict, no swinging. Forearms burned, will end up looking like popeye haha!

Cable Crunches

6x191 x2 x2 x2

Really enjoyed these. Once I started crunching the higher numbers I felt like I was gonna lift myself off my feet, hehe. The joys of being a 150lber.


Overall, I was very pleased with this first workout and came out buzzing! Feels really good to actually have a set routine to work from, rather than virtually making it up as I go along. And training at the gym rather than at home just makes me feel a lot more serious about it. Less likely to slack off.

Only problem for me came from the cramps, but I have a theory which I'd love if someone could either yay or nay. I've just started creatine and I'm drinking a hell of a lot more water than I'm used to. Because of that, I'm pissing like a racehorse. Is this going to have a drastic effect on my salt levels?

Thanks for reading.

Next session is Friday - can't wait. =)