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Good idea!
Cheers bud. Weighted chins and weighted dips are the key to big arms, or so I hear.

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Echo everyone else, nice work, get your strength on. Always welcome to come down here and train Gazzy you know that!
Cheers Kiff, I will deffo take you up on that. Ninja should be back on the road soon...

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Solid rowing Gaz.
Cheers mate!

Had the funeral today. My stepdad was a great man and so there was a huge turnout. Weather was great for the wake, so ended up drinking a lot. Still drinking now lol. But back on it tomorrow with a huge squat session.

Had a great catch up with my cousin today, who's quite a big powerlifter. He benched 180kg (400lb) the other day and is aiming for 300kg deadlift in a few weeks. And he's not even the strongest person in his group of mates, who're all natural.

Soon as I start working this summer (finishing my second year of uni in a few weeks, working for a year before final year), I'm gonna cancel my subscription at my crappy commercial gym and start training with my cousin.