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    Day Eighty


    10x45 (20kg)
    10x45 (20kg)
    6x110 (50kg)
    6x154 (70kg)
    3x187 (85kg) PR
    3x187 (85kg)
    3x187 (85kg)
    3x187 (85kg)


    10xBW+22 (10kg)
    5xBW+45 (20kg)
    3xBW+60 (27.5kg) PR
    3xBW+60 (27.5kg)


    6x29 (
    6x33 (15kg)
    3x40 (17.5kg)
    3x45 (20kg)
    10x33 (15kg)
    15x29 (


    There was a gaggle of teenage lads on the dip station using assistance. They moved onto the press machine next to it as I came along. Bodyweight dips. Weighted dips. Heavier weighted dips.

    As I walked away, I overheard one of them saying to the others, 'he's on 'roids, that one.'

    Made my day, lol.
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