6x132 (60kg)
6x176 (80kg)
6x220 (100kg)
6x265 (120kg)
6x309 (140kg) x2x2x2

Back Extensions:

10x176 (80kg)
10x176 (80kg)
10x176 (80kg)
10x176 (80kg)

Single Legged Leg Press:

6x233 (106kg)
6x255 (115kg)
6x270 (124kg) PR

Calf Raise:

10x155 (70kg)


Enjoyed today's session. Really enjoyed it. Felt a bit worried at 120kg as it felt really heavy, but then 140kg didn't feel any heavier at all. Glad I got the clusters out too.

Back extension felt good. I really feel it target the lower back and I think it'll help me stay more upright on the squat.

Leg press was good, glad to make a PR.

Calf raise was only one set but still felt it, really really slow on the way down and held it a few secs at the bottom.

Protein shake ordered tonight. Gonna go back to whey isolate. Been using the Sci-MX lately, but it's expensive and you need to use massive scoops, eating through a 10lb tub in absolutely no time flat.

The isolate I used to use, though it didn't have the BCAAs in it, didn't have any carns in it, was pure protein and lasted ages, letting me chuck shakes morning noon and night. I really wanna up the protein to about 200+ grams a day, as I feel much better with more protein inside me.