Glad to see you're liking the 5/3/1, if you want to maintain or build your maximal strength while keeping the same progress on everything else, what you can do is switch up the weeks and add some singles. What I typically do when I'm bulking is I start with 3x3 week and do 3 singles at 95% after my set of 3, which I won't push for more reps on (though if your last single feels easy you can push for 2 reps. Bench singles are always paused). Then normal 5s week, if you think you can handle it on the recovery or if 5 reps feels really easy you can push for more than 5 reps, entirely up to you. Then 5/3/1 week you can either do some more singles at 95% or test your max after your last work set. Deload week is the same as normal but with the reps 10/8/6 just because of personal preference, you can still do 5/5/5.