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how the hell are you able to bike ride AFTER all that leg work? you're making great strides Gaz.
Cheers Rob! Work capacity is going up and up with all the cardio. Dropping a bit of weight is doing wonders for speed, too.

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Nice work Gaz, good job on those rep PR's!!!
Thanks Brian! Taking PRs wherever I can find them atm, and with cutting it's mostly Rep PRs, lol! Don't think I'll be getting any strength PRs till I finish this cut and start eating properly again. But determined not to cut this, erm, cut short. I've done that before and been disatisfied with results. Gonna keep cutting till I'm lean and mean, then strive to maintain that leaness whilst building strength!

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great work with the running and cycling Gaz! and still going strong on the bench and those Zerchers (must try those sometime)... just be careful of that shoulder bud!
Thanks bud! Shoulder's feeling a bit better now. Will probably test it with some very light benching tomorrow, we'll see. And Zerchers are fast becoming my favourite movement. The looks on other people's faces in the gym when you load up 200lbs+ and hoist it up in the nook of your arms is priceless, lol.