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Thread: Derek Poundstone to have weekly radio show

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    Derek Poundstone to have weekly radio show

    I just saw this on Marunde Muscle. It started last night, but I missed it. I'll definitely tune in next week. Below is the write up from Ironmind

    Derek starts his first show tonight for Poundstone Power Radio on Sirius/XM. This is HUGE for the sport of strongman and I urge everyone to take a listen at some point during the show and in the following weeks. If you don't have Sirius/XM you can get it as an app on your phone free for a week. It's under the sports category-sports nation ll. Sirius channel 125, XM 241.

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    That's pretty cool and like you said it's going to be huge for the sport also. I wish him best of luck with it!!!
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    what are the details? or format?
    is it to be half hour or 1 hour long show?
    a call in show where he takes questions from listeners?
    just hope they figure a way to make it enjoyable listening.

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    This is Big for strongman and i hope I get to listen to it often.

    Now we just need ASC shows on TV!

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