Let me just say that, I will probably never go to an Olive Garden the night before a meet again. It all started when I woke up at 1:20am Sunday morning and started throwing up. It didn't stop until 7:30am when I was getting ready to leave for the meet. So I was pretty much waking up every 1-2 hours throwing up, so I didn't get much sleep. Then it started to come out both ends, but I did decide to just go and compete and see how I feel when I start warming up.

I get there and I still couldn't eat anything so i'm pretty much just sipping on water and gatorade. But my stomach still wouldn't let me hold that down. Anyways I went through my squat warm ups like I planned and it felt heavy but my handlers said that it looked good so I said screw it, i'll keep my opener the same and just go for it. My 1st attempt felt really good and my 2nd attempt did also, but I passed on my third because physically my body was not all there. I wanted 600 and I got it so I was happy with that.

After my squats, I tried eating some crackers and after my first one I was running to the bathroom. I won't go into detail but things weren't pretty. My bench warm-ups sucked and of course everything felt heavy. I did lower my opener down to 350 just so I get on the board. I smoked my 1st and 2nd attempts and missed my 3rd attempt about half way or so and I just couldn't get it back towards my head. But it moved fast off my chest and I know I can get it.

On to the deadlifts. I still couldn't eat anything, so i'm going on 17-18 hours from the last time I actually ate a meal. I went through my warm-ups as normal and once again, everything felt heavy so I lowered my opener just to play it safe and get on the board. I ended up smoking all 3 attempts, which really surprised me.

Here is how my attempts went:

1st attempt-550...Good lift
2nd attempt-600...Good lift
3rd attempt-Pass

Bench press
1st attempt-350...Good lift
2nd attempt-405...Good lift
3rd attempt-425...No good

1st attempt-550...Good lift
2nd attempt-600...Good lift
3rd attempt-650...Good lift


1st place in 242's

I felt like **** when I was sitting around waiting, but once I sniffed that ammonia and stepped onto the platform I was a different person. I am proud of my total but I am more proud of the fact that I didn't give up. I went to the meet feeling like **** and I won.

I do want to thank everyone who supported me going into this meet. Especially to Scott Lamb and Brian Strickland for coming out and helping me, also April Mathis and her training partner (sorry but I can't remember his name) for coming out and supporting me as well. Last I want to give a big thanks to my family and my wife for coming out and taking video of the meet and sitting though a meet just to support me. Thanks to everybody!!!!