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Thread: Recommended Gyms in Los Angeles

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    Recommended Gyms in Los Angeles

    Hey everybody, my name is Evan.

    I just recently relocated from Montana to Los Angeles and am looking for a new gym here in SoCal. To preface, I am not a competitive lifter/bodybuilder, I'm more just a fitness fanatic who strives to be in excellent shape from here on out. Haha. As a freshman in college, I weighed 155 lbs. Today, I tip the scales at 205 lbs. But I'm still not where I want to be physically yet, so there is still plenty more progress for me to make.

    I now reside in North Hollywood, so ideally I'm looking for a gym within a 30 minute drive (but the biggest thing is finding a quality gym). I already tried 24-Hour Fitness here in NoHo (5 min drive from my apartment), but it just wasn't a good fit. It was always inundated with people, making it damn near impossible to progress through my workouts in even a remotely efficient manner. Not to mention, they had ONE single squat rack. ONE!

    So I'm just wondering if any of you awesome gentlemen have any gyms in this particular area that you would recommend? Price isn't too big of an issue, really just looking for a gym that isn't crowded at all hours (I'm typically a late-evening lifter) and has a diverse array of quality equipment/machines. I'm the kind of guy who likes to get in, focus on pushing myself through a challenging workout, and get out. Any gym that allows me to do that, is my kind of gym.

    Thank you guys in advance, the help is very much appreciated.

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    Check out Metroflex gym:

    Great owners and a great gym!

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    Great article. i like it. metroflex also good looking. Thank you for sharing a good content. Thanks
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    Actually i have found another GYM in Los Angeles. I saw your gym. That's really a good looking. Thank you very much.
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    Good read!

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