About 4 months ago, I began feeling pain just below to the right bicep. It was diagnosed from my doc as a partial tear to the distal tendon that connects the right bicep (seems like the same injury as victw65 in previous discussion). I got an MRI and no surgery required, just instructed to not use my bicep for a minimum of 6 months. Anyways it is healing, but very, very slowly. My question is, I heard that HGH helps in healing tendons and ligaments permanently as opposed to just covering up the pain like a cortisone shot. Can anyone give me advise on this? Also, what would be the best iu dose to take to aggressively heal? Also, are there any other supplements that also aggressively heal tendons? (test, etc). I can't take much more of only exercising from the abs down. I'm willing to do whatever permanently heals the fastest. Thanks.