Hello All,

I would like to start out by thanking the forum and the users for providing such a fantastic library of knowledge. Everything I have learned about lifting and healthy living has been from this site.

So here's the deal. I'm going on a bulk very soon and need some help with planning and bouncing ideas around. Some info about me: I will be 20 years old mid bulk, 6 feet tall and 195lbs. I have no maxed in a very long time because of rugby.

My goal is to go up to around 210lbs. While adding 15 pounds in a bulk isn't a big issue for me, keeping in shape for rugby and adding the weight is. I have to get quicker over winter, increase my cardio, and still manage to put on weight for the spring season. I'll be doing a mix of low intensity cardio (biking, jogging, etc.) and high intensity cardio (sprints, body weight exercise cardio).

If anyone has some ideas as far as routine, diet, management, etc. I would appreciate it. I am thinking of doing Baby Got Back for the bulk, but not sure yet. I would like to train with bands for squat and whatnot as I have them.

My main muscle groups that need to grow are shoulders, legs, and core because of their importance in the sport.

Any help would be appreciated,