What do you think? I wanted to add in some more platoons for more than just my biceps, but i'm not sure where to add them for the best effect. Thoughts?

Day 1-

Rack pulls - 5x5
T Bar row - 3x8
Flat bench - 5x5
Incline dumbbell - 3x8
Standing Calf raise - 4x8
Decline Situps - 3x8

Day 2-

Full squats - 5x5
Leg press - 3x8
Leg curl - 5x5
Standing dumbbell curls - 5x5
Dumbbell curl 21s

Day 3

Chinups 5x5 (With weight added because they got too easy)
Barbell pullover - 3x8
Arnold Press - 5x5
Shrugs - 3x8
Bent over barbell rows - 3x8
Seated calf raise - 4x8

Day 4

Romanian Deadlift - 5x5
Good mornings - 3x8
Walking lunges (really dont care for these) - 3x8
Skull crushers - 5x5
Cable pressdown - 3x8

I wanna mix it up some with new exercises but still keep close to the BGB setup, because so far it's showing me amazing results.