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Thread: NEWSLETTER ARTICLE - Hard-gainer Rx: Part 1 - Bigger Guns

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    NEWSLETTER ARTICLE - Hard-gainer Rx: Part 1 - Bigger Guns

    By Mike Scialabba

    One of the questions I'm most frequently asked is, "What do you do for your biceps?" My answer is almost always the same, "Not much."

    Now yes, I do think I have a small advantage with genetics regarding my arms. However, I've done everything in my power, to make them bigger, and never really saw major success until I stopped worrying about the size of my arms, and started worry about the size of my 'big 3'.

    The difference in training is simple. Throughout the year, begin utilizing programs designed for power lifting, and not bodybuilding. They both have their benefits, and rotating or 'periodizing' your programs this way may have major benefits regarding the size of your arms.

    You may want to also consider twice a year, hitting your biceps and triceps, the same way you would hit your dead lift. If you're going to utilize a 10x3 on your squat, try it on your arms. Increasing the overall effort of the lift and the demand on the muscles, can have astounding effects on the growth of the tissue. Especially regarding the triceps, utilizing a 10x3 or an 8x4 with a close grip bench press for 6-10 weeks can give you some serious gains in the triple head department.

    Forget drop sets, burnout sets, and multiple isolation exercises for the tri's and bi's for a while, and try utilizing a heavy load for the arms, and focusing more on training the big three for an increase in 'overall' mass, instead of simply focusing on your arms.


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