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some very heavy rows and great job on the chins
Thanks, I try to keep my rows even with my bench press to avoid any imbalances.

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Nice, all big compound movements. Can't go wrong with that!
Thanks, nothing but big compounds for this old guy. I refuse to let you young whipper-snappers show me up.

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Sooooo, this is where you are now. I was wondering what was going on... Looks like your off to a nice start, good luck.
Yay, you found me. I'm already enjoying the routine, and I'm being smarter about how heavy I start this time.

I have to say, I already find that I enjoy doing the chins and rows together again, instead of on seperate days like I was doing in 5/3/1. I really felt like I worked the back structure to a better point by combining them. I am gloriously sore today, which I know doesn't mean too much other than I gave the back muscles a stimulus that they were not used to.