Hey all, I'm pretty new to this forum but have already found TONS of great info.

I recently purchased the 5/3/1 e-book and I am about to start my Third Cycle. My first cycle was with Tate's Prescribed Periodization Bible. The second followed the Boring But Big Template, which I found to be extremely taxing. My Third Cycle with Follow either the The Triumvirate or the Periodization Bible again.

I've been lifting seriously going on two years now. I previously followed: 5x5 Starting Strength and then WSB. I was enjoying the gains on the WSB Routine but not working to a 1RM week by week. I felt just about the same way Wendler did. I'm going to be joining the Fire Academy soon so I wanted a much more functional strength.

I'm currently 27, 6'1" @ 215lbs, I have set some goals for next year, By December I would like to hit 200/300/400/500(Military Press/Bench/Squat/Deadlift).

Enough babble, welcome to my log.