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Thread: addegssons Hct-12 Journal

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    addegssons Hct-12 Journal

    I'm going to do the A-B-A routine 3 times a week for atleast a month and we'll see how it works out for me.

    My first workout was a mixed one with both upper and lower body:

    12-11-2010 Mixed workout

    Bench press 85kg 6x2x2x2
    Military press 50kg 6x2x2x2
    Deadlift 120kg 6x2x2x2
    Leg press 200kg 6x2x2x2
    Pulldown 55kg 6x2x2x2

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    Welcome aboard, how come you opted for a mixed workout straight off?

    A Westside journal.

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    Weird to see the full-body workout...but it does look very well organized. I like the exercise selctions and the order you do them in. Very cool. How often do you plan to do that each week?

    Off Road Journal

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