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Thread: Pendlay Rows and legs

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    Pendlay Rows and legs

    I've recently starting doing pendlay rows but my legs seem to be giving out before my back.

    Halfway through a set i'm having to stand up and kind of shake my legs to give them a rest. I don't think I have particularly weak legs, I play have always trained them and play football but I do have bad flexibillity in my hamstrings.

    Anybody gone thru same thing or can give any tips??


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    Are you deloading between each rep?

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    How much weight are you using? Do you stick your ass way out with a tight, arched lower back? In the propper position I find it hard to believe the legs incapable of stabiliizing the weight throughout a pendley before the lower back losing rigidity. Unless you have a a monster lower back and pretty much no legs
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