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Thread: Program Fixed for hurt triceps

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    Program Fixed for hurt triceps

    Hey guys, right now Im feeling that I overcharged my triceps tendon ( just behind the long head of the triceps) and now it hurts when doing some exercises.
    I believe this comes in result of doing Standing Overhead DB in my triceps accesory for two weeks, which i feeled were very unconfortable on my triceps. So i've decided to give my triceps tendon a break and I have changed the program as follows, shown old and new one:

    Old Program:
    - Supine Chin Ups
    - Hammer strength rows
    - Dumbbell Incline Bench Press (no pain)
    - Hammer Strength shoulder Press ( I didn't like how this exercise felt)
    - Dumbbell Overhead Press

    My new program looks like this:

    Upper body day:
    - Supine Chin UPs
    - Hammer strength rows.
    - Dumbbell Incline Bench Press (no pain)
    - DB Uppercuts
    - Triceps Accesory (which i've replaced to very lightweight tricep kickbacks 4 x 20 reps)

    Any thoughts about this guys? Every critique would be welcome.

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