I have been playing soccer competitively since I was 10 and have never lifted. I am 18 now and have decided to start lifting with my friends who are all jacked. I want to build muscle mass and all that and know that I should not start out expecting to be able to lift anywhere near as much as my friends.

Problem is, I am a right handed guy so my right arm is stronger than my left, by a lot. Looking at my arms, it isn't noticeable, but my left arm can't lift nearly as much as my right.

I have been working out for a week with the same routine. We switch off between one day working on arms and one day working on our chests.

When I go to do a curl, I can't do one with my left while the dumbell feels like a feather in my right.

I don't want to lift less with my left than my right because that would make the strength difference even greater!

What should I do?