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Thread: Muscle Soreness

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    Muscle Soreness

    Hi everyone, its been awhile since I have posted anything but lately I have been noticing that my muscles are extremely sore after every workout. I regularly hit the gym 3-4 times a week breaking workouts into chest/tri one day back/biceps another and shoulders/legs another and some abs/cardio on off days. What i do not understand is why the hell my muscles are still getting extremely swore after each of these work outs. I have been doing this routine for about 3 months and still have soreness. I take protein after each workout also and usually use Nano-Vapor as my pre but only usually take half the recommended dosage. I am currently 21. If you guys have an advice it would be much appreciated.

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    What is your exact routine? You might be doing too much. Other than that the most likely reasons are probably inadequate diet and not enough sleep.

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    You say you been doing the same routine for 3 months, have you made any gains or are you still getting the soreness on the same weights you have been lifting for months?

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    How's your warm-ups?
    A good warm-up is needed to get the blood flowing into the muscles, stretch them out a bit, and prepare them for the shock of heavy lifting. Spend a godd 10 minutes before your workout to hit the treadmill or eliptical machine, stretch, and do a good full-body lifting exercise with light weights (I like snatches).

    When's the last time you deloaded?
    It's also imortant to take a week off of heavy lifting from time to time. It gives your body a chance to catch up and heal. Most people come back from a deload week feeling refreshed and ready to workout hard again. You may also find that your body grows during this time off and your lifts will go up. Try to deload every 4 to 12 weeks.

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    Well, being sore isn't always a bad thing. If you want to be less sore, drop your weights in half and do less. Otherwise, as long as you are getting stronger at some kind of rate, deal with it
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