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Thread: Help with workout for sister.?

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    Help with workout for sister.?

    Hey guys, just need some opinions.

    My sister recently had a baby, and is looking to get back into workout out. She has never really been into resistance training, but now she may be more open to it. Mainly she's looking to lose weight, and "tone up" as they call it.

    Ive done some research, and am trying to figure out what is the best plan to give her. I know what I would do if I had to go gymless, but thats very different than what she would do. (I dont want to intimidate her too much right away)

    So I can think of quite a few things she can do that are progressive, but there are others than im stumped on.

    Dumbell lateral/rear raises
    Band facepulls/pull-aparts
    Lunge and split squat progressions
    "core work" with bridges and eventually ab wheel

    Thats about all I can think of with limited equipment. I'd like her to get a pullup bar that she can mount low at first for BW rows, and then higher for pullups later on, but I dont know if thats an option.

    For her goals, I think if she can get to where she can perform 10-20 pushups, 10-20 weighted bulg. split squats, and some pulling feat, she'll be plenty strong and conditioned. The rest will be diet and cardio.

    Maybe a sandbag is an option, im not sure, or maybe a kettlebell.

    What would you suggest for minimum equipment needs, with maximum effectiveness?
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    Here's a simple and effective routine with nothing but a barbell [or dumbbells] and a little bit of weight...

    Warm-up…Light Power Snatch
    1. Barbell Curls
    2. Standing Behind Neck Barbell Presses
    3. Upright Rowing
    4. Standing Barbell Side Bend
    5. Barbell Clean and Press
    6. High Pulls (Clean or Snatch Grip)
    7. Deep Knee Bend and Press Behind Neck
    8. Power Snatches
    9. Standing Barbell Press
    10. Barbell Bent-Over Row
    11. Deadlift
    12. Squats

    Do the first five exercises without stopping and using the same weight. Add a little weight and do the next five exercises without stopping. Then do the deadlifts and squats seperately with heavier weights. Squats can be substituted with something like split squats or lunges. this is the simplified system of barbell training from the old York courses.

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