Hey All,

I'm 43 and have been lifting off and on for the past 20 years. More of a recreational lifter/builder. Anyhow, I need something to kick-start my growth. My current routine is a 4-day split:


I incorporate regular squatting and deadlifting and, aside from warm-ups, I usually do progressive weight for each set, repping until failure (for all body parts). Typically between 5 and 10 sets per body part. I know my body pretty good, so I know when I need a day of rest, which is typically 2 days per week. So I guess I lift about 5.

I just started the HCT-12 routine, working the 5 day/week regimen (so I do more days on but less lifts per day, due to time constraints/schedule). I just finished my first week and I'm wondering if in fact this is the right routine for me. I don't "feel" like I goe a good workout, a good pump, like my normal routine.

Ramping up to your 6RM last set seems like all of the previous sets are "easy" because you don't go to failure. I fully understand that my normal routine is not taking me to the growth levels I want. So, do I stick with this routine for a while? Will it get me size? Or do I need a different routine?

To everyday people, I look like I workout (from the compliments here and there over the years). But I don't look HUGE, which is what I'm all about. Been that way all my life.

Anyone have any advice? I'm willing to try new routines as well.

Thanks very much!