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Thread: Is a 5x10 the same as one all out rest-paused set?

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    Is a 5x10 the same as one all out rest-paused set?

    Doing 5/3/1 right now but I also read a lot about DC training because I think it will be something I try at some point. Dante talks about how 1 high intensity RP set is all you need to break the muscle down adequately. Right now I do the boring but big accessory for 5/3/1 but some times it just takes forever to get through because I combine my BBB push days with a BBB pull movement as well. I was thinking of choosing an intermediate a 10RM for instance and just doing a couple of rest paused clusters after I hit it. Do you think this would be the same as doing a 5x10 for my accessory? I know at the end of my 5x10, it feels like I did a rest-paused set anyway which is why I sparked the thread. The first 3 or 4 sets of the BBB feel kind of like a waste of time though. Thats why I always pick a weight where I just about fail on the 10th rep on the 5th set. Another option would be to rest pause after the 5th set and really finish it off. What do you think? I am making nice strength gains on 5/3/1 but sometimes I hardly feel like I worked out.


    Realized I kind of rambled. The intent of this thread is to see if I would see the same muscle damage from 1 rest paused set with a 10RM vs sitting in the gym for 1.5 hours doing a 5x10 on two separate movements (bench and rows for instance).
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