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Thread: What to do..?

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    What to do..?

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    If you want to be strong why would you do a bodypart split?

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    Where to begin...

    Like Kastro said, get on a good strength program instead of the split routine. You will gain strength and size.

    Routines don't make you have low bodyfat, diet does. The problem is that staying lean or getting lean will hinder muscle growth. You will be trying to accoplish opposite goals and that doesn't work too well.

    Once you find a routine, stay consistant and forget that muscle confusion crap. You can't confuse your muscles, only make them work harder. It takes a while to build strength and muscle, so constantly changing isn't the best way. Sure, change some exercises if they stal or just change hand and foot placement, but remain consistant over-all.

    If you are looking for a good routine that will focus on strength as well as physique, check out the HCT-12 routine right here on this site.

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