First off, I had a lot of fun and a great workout competing in the UPA CA push-pull meet at Diablo Barbell in Concord. I intended to compete equipped but I was training around a hectic schedule and couldn't get my gear to work. So I decided to go raw and have fun with it. I have plans joining Diablo Barbell in the near future and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to check them out. I want to thank UPA and Diablo Barbell for throwing an awesome meet. Onto the meet...

Bench 1: opened with 281lb which felt slow to me but got it easy.
Bench 2: took 303lb and surprisingly felt lighter than my opener!
Bench 3: attempted 330lb but lost it about 3-4" above chest. I thought I had it the way 303 went up but I just didn't have it in me.

Deadlift 1: opened with 462lb which was a smoke show
Deadlift 2: I took 501lb but dropped the bar on the down command which resulted in no lift. Hitting 500 raw in a meet was a milestone for me and it sucks that I lost it that way. Hard lesson learned. I will definitely take 5xx in 2011 raw.
Deadlift 3: the way 501 went up, I bumped it up a few to 512lb. I don't know what happened but I couldn't get it passed my knees. After review, it looked like I leaned over much and was rushing the pull.

Overall, I had fun and it was great seeing some big lifts. I've only competed single bench and single deadlift meets in the past. I'm still adapting to the environment of pushing and pulling the same day. A full meet is definitely in the works.

I made some measly video of the 6 lifts bunched together. I don't know how to add titles so thats why I put it in context here.